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Sandy Valley Volunteer Fire Department is located in the Mesquite Valley on the state line of Nevada and California, encompassing both states and three counties: Clark, Inyo and San Bernardino. With a population of 2,000 and an area of 56 square miles, not including the surrounding BLM land, this 10-member department has a lot of territory to cover. The town, housing over 1,000 households, does not have doctors, clinics, hospitals or even fire hydrants. The closest assisting resources are 50 miles away with at least a 30 minute ETA. Even the helicopter is a 19 minute ETA. The volunteer department is equipped with an engine, squad, tender, and an ambulance. The community relies on the department’s training to protect them as well as care for them. None of the volunteers receive monetary benefits, not even the chief. Department members do not stop there. They can be seen at the annual Easter Egg Hunt, throwing plastic eggs and entertaining the children before letting them free. Members even participate in donating to fundraising events in other rural areas. The chief goes to the Citizens Advisory Council Meetings each month to give a department report even though it is not required. The department supports different fundraisers throughout the community. Most of all firefighters support the Pre-K-12 school. Every year the department provides scholarships for high school seniors in the community. In February, for the past 13 years, members have put on a free public safety event with a pancake breakfast to raise money, just to give it back to the other community organizations for Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving or just because. In May/June, for the past five years, members have put on a free shot clinic and sport physical clinic for the community youth so they do not have to drive to the city and pay money. During both events, they sponsor a blood drive with United Blood Services. Sandy Valley volunteers are the best at showing the community what collaboration is all about.


who we are





Being a Firefighter is way of life.
We are defined by courage, honer, respect, commitment, and brotherhood

svvfd needs volunteer firefighters

volunteer as a first responder

your community needs you. as a volunteer, you will be joining a proud tradition thats dates back to the  very beginning of our nation, with george washington, thomas jefferson, and benjamin franklin amoung the many founding fathers who were also involved in the volunteer fire service.

below you will find information to help you get started, including what to expect as a volunteer firefighter/emt. if you have questions please leave you email below, or call 1-800-fireline

to become a member, you must:

minimum 18 years old

u.s. citizen

pass background check

pass physical

pass e.l.f.f. academy


Our Mission

Our Mission Statement

To provide for the safety and health of Southern Nevada communities and our visitors through professional emergency response, fire prevention and public education.



Business meetings

For 2015

 January, march, may, july, september, and november

 3rd tuesday

 6pm. @Fire station 77


Next event...Sandy Valley Balloonfest/Safety Event and Pancake Breakfast...Saturday, February 21, 2015. SAVE THE DATE!! We are accepting raffle donations now. If you offer any safety info for the public free of cost and would like to participate, let us know!!



Supporter T-Shirts are now available. Please contact us for more information.



Engine 750 Gal

Water Tender 4000 Gal

Squad 250 Gal




Contact information


650 W QUARTZ AVE, Sandy Valley, NV 89019







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Address :

650 W Quartz Ave, Sandy


Valley, NV 89019,USA


Phone : +1 (702) 723-5000









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